No Arson or Suspicious Fires were reported during this period.


Sometime overnight between 10-19-21 and 10-20-21 unknown suspect(s) forced entry into a locked shop on a farm, located in the 31000 BLK of S CHRISMAN Road in Tracy; and stole a maroon Kawasaki 610 mule with a black mesh windshield/top (approximate $9,000.00 value).  Also stolen was items including weed-eaters, chainsaws, a brush cutter, a power washer, tractor batteries, and miscellaneous tools.  The total value for the items stolen and damage caused by the suspects was approximately $21,506.00. There were no cameras in the area and no suspect information is known at this time. Case is open pending further investigative leads. 21-23042 (PIOMBO)

Unknown suspect(s) stole a white drywall sprayer/trailer along with a white 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 truck, approximately $47,000.00 in value, from the victim’s shop located in the 13000 Block of E Graves Road in Manteca.  The incident occurred overnight between Tuesday 10/19/2021 and the morning of Wednesday 10/20/2021.  There is no suspect information at this time.  21-23032 (PIOMBO)


Sometime on 10/13/21 between 0300 and 0530 hours, an unknown (S) or (S)s broke a chain that was securing a gate to the construction site in the 6500 block of South Manthey Road in French Camp, CA and then stole approximately 300 feet of copper wire off of a large wooden spool. The cost to replace the wire was approximately $4,000 and there is no (S) information. 21-22525

In the area of the 6100 block of East French Camp Road in Lathrop, CA, from 10/22/21 approximately 1600hrs to 10/23/21 approximately 0730hrs the wire had been cut and taken. (RP)  stated that it was approximately 340 feet in length with an estimated value of $30,000. (RP) stated that the wire is called BKTA 200 and that the lines are owned and maintained by (BSV) AT&T. 21-23255

Sometime from 10/20/21 to 10/21/21 unknown (S)’s cut/stole irrigation pump wire in the area of the Mormon Slough/Kaiser Rd/Hwy 4.  The wire was valued at approximately $1,000. 21-23672 Det. Miley

In the area of South Gillis Road and East Main Street, approximately 300 ft section of cabling that had been cut and removed some telephone/data cabling that belonged to (BSV) AT&T sometime on or before 10/29/21. The value of the cut cabling is approximately $5000. 21-23760

On 11/02/2021 in the 4000 block of East Main Street in Stockton, Deputies responded to the report of a theft from a rental scissor lift at this location. Upon arrival the victim advised that a Hispanic male who was 5’10” weighing 170 pounds and approx. 30 years old with long curly hair in a pony tail had taken a 6V 220 amp battery from the scissor lift and had fled on foot. At this time the suspect is still outstanding. DR# 21-24120 (SABLAN/ CANNON)

There were 15 catalytic converter theft cases reported at various locations in the unincorporated areas San Joaquin County from 10-12-21 to 11-9-21. The total loss is at least $22,300. Case Numbers: 21-21557, 21-22528, 21-22557, 21-22701, 21-22731, 21-23100, 21-23253, 21-23264, 21-23266, 21-23298, 21-23342, 21-23393, 21-23655, 21-24094, and 21-24301. 


On 10-16-21 unknown suspect or suspects broke into several outbuildings on a ranch located in the area of ESCALON BELLOTA and DODDS Road. A blue electric air compressor, a propane burner, multiple expensive items of audio equipment and cases of beer were taken. Also, several doors and latches were damaged during the theft amounting to around $1,500 in loss in damages only to the victim. At this time no suspect info is known and there were no cameras in the area. Fingerprints were taken and this case is still open pending fingerprint analysis. 21-22780 (HERRERO)

Unknown suspect(s) stole the victim’s yellow/brown homemade wooden trailer from the 17400 Block of E Highway 26 in Linden.  This incident occurred between 09/15/2021 and 10/15/2021.  There are no cameras that captured this incident and no suspect information.  21-22659

Unknown suspect(s) stole a barbecue trailer from the 16200 Block of Harlan Road in Lathrop, at approximately 1029 hours on 10/24/2021.  The barbecue trailer was worth approximately $5,000.00.  There is no suspect information.  21-23482

On 11-1-21, victim reported that unknown suspects had stolen his homemade farm trailer with attached industrial air compressor sometime on or around 9-11-21. The victim called to advise he believed he had located his trailer in the 14000 BLK of WALNUT GROVE Road in Thornton. Due to this area being in Sacramento Counties jurisdiction, the victim contacted them for the recovery and investigation. 21-23985

Unknown suspects broke into a shop located in the 20000 BLK of EAST MARIPOSA Road in Escalon between the evening of 10/23/21 and the morning of 10/24/21.  Victim reported that several of his tools and farming equipment consisting of various grinders, welders, and drills were stolen from inside the shop, amounting to an approximate total of $7,000. Victims son also advised that he had some of his property stored inside the shop, which was taken.  He stated that approximately 5000 mixed ammunition rounds, two ammunition reloader machines, and various magazines were taken, with a value of approximately $7,500 in total. Victim did not have any cameras in the area and they were not aware of any possible suspects. 21-23727 (RUIZ)

On 10/28/2021 in Mountain House, CA Deputies responded to Green Valley Landscape to the report of a theft from their property. Suspects broke into a container on the property taking multiple power tools and low voltage landscape wire. The total loss was valued at $2,500 and at this time there is no suspect information. DR #21-23659 (MORGAN)

In the 5600 block of Roberts Rd, an incident occurred in the early hours of 10/30/21.  Several subjects came to the property and took several items from around the yard, as well as damaged a vehicle. Surveillance video showed a small style pickup truck that arrived on the property.  Later on in the video it shows several subjects exiting the vehicle and beginning to grab machinery that is around the shop and in other trucks.  A Dewalt compressor, black and yellow in color, model GX160 and 5.5 horsepower.  It was in a different truck and valued at $1,500.  There was also a two MQ multi-pump, described as a ditch pump and was red and black in color, which was valued at $1,600.  There was also a Honda ditch pump, red and black in color, 5.0 horsepower, 2″ model, which was valued at $500 taken.  (V) went into his shop and showed me a torch set which included two tanks and hoses, which a similar set was taken.  He estimated that at $1,000.  There were also welding leads, all black in color.  They were cut from the back of a machine that was on a truck valued at $2,000.  An Alkota pressure washer, orange in color, valued at $3,000 was also taken.  (V) informed me that there was also a lot of miscellaneous tools inside of the truck that had been damaged, which he estimated to be somewhere between $4,000 and $5,000.  He described his tools as being Craftsman tools and did recall that there was a hydro jack also inside of the truck. 21-23845


None reported this period


On 10/25/2021 in the 7500 block of W. Carmela Ave. in Tracy, the homeowner reported that a subject driving a 2003 GMC Truck with CA LIC 74298J2 was observed siphoning approximately $120 worth of fuel from a business vehicle belonging to Simpson’s Plumbing. There was video surveillance of the incident and the suspect observed in the video was unable to be identified. Deputies went to the registered owners address and was unable to locate the suspect vehicle. Currently this remains and open investigation. DR #21-23374 (MURRAY)


On 10-14-21, while investigating a shooting that occurred at a marijuana grow in the 18000 BLK of EAST BRANDT Road in Lodi, Detective STUHMER located a ball tank trailer that appeared to belong to a known victim. The ball tank trailer had been heavily modified and repainted to cover personally applied identifying marks. However, Detective STUHMER was able to locate hidden markings that proved his suspicions. Contact was made with the victim who reported that the trailer had been stolen sometime back in February of 2020. The victim advised that there was still other stolen property including another 600 gallon ball tank trailer with affixed Honda GX 150 engine and a FLO MAX 2” pump. The suspect, was a former customer of the victim and admitted to having his employees repaint the trailer and remove all identifying markings on it. Later in the investigation the suspect also found more property belonging to the victim in which he was willing to return. At this time some of the victims property including injector plates and pumps are still missing. Case forwarded to the DA’s office for filing or charges against the suspect. 21-22605 (STUHMER)

On 10/29/2021 AGNET Lieutenant Theodore observed a white 2004 Acura RSX and upon running the license plate, confirmed the vehicle was stolen out of the Folsom Police Department on 10/11/2021. The vehicle was occupied at the time it was observed and was traveling southbound on Highway 4. The vehicle pulled over abruptly without reason, and a felony vehicle stop was conducted. A solo occupant was subsequently taken into custody and also found to be in possession of methamphetamine, heroin, and marijuana. The vehicle was returned to the property owner. DR #21-23803 (LT. THEODORE)

Please report any and all suspicious activity.
For non-emergency reports 24 hours a day, you can call 209-468-4400.  In the event of an emergency call 911.

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