Foundation for Agriculture Education

The Foundation for Agricultural Education is a 501(c)3 organization that works to improve agricultural literacy among students in San Joaquin County. Through in-class education different events, we teach students about the aspects of growing, farming, ranching, and more!


The San Joaquing Farm Bureau Foundation for Agricultural Education was founded in 1989 by the San Joaquin Farm Bureau to preserve the county’s agricultural industry. By working directly with schools, community groups, and other youth organizations, the Foundation for Ag. Ed. teaches students who otherwise might not have the opportunity to learn about this vast field.

By educating at all levels, students learn about the need for agriculture and can pursue their own paths in our great field. Students learn about the effect farming has on San Joaquin County, California, and the United States. We seek to show students just how important agriculture is and how it impacts our lives every single day.

Education in and out of the classroom go hand-in-hand, so we also host events that allow students the opportunity to interact with livestock, career farmers, and more. With this exposure, we seek to show our county’s youth the importance of farming.

The SJFB Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit.

Our Board of Directors

Joe Valente – President
Brie Hunt – Vice President
Bruce Blodgett – Treasurer
Rachael Fleming – Secretary

Phil Brumley

Karen Cultrera

Pati Hamm

Becky Hudson

Daniel Meza

Delores Ohm

Loren Ohm

Dave Phippen

Richard Rodriguez

Paul Sanguinetti

Jake Samuel

David Strecker

Bill Thomas

Ken Vogel

How to Contribute

This organization wouldn’t be able to educate so many of our county’s students and teachers without donations. Your contribution is directly linked to us educating the next generation of agriculturalists in San Joaquin. Please consider donating below:

Interested in setting up a memorial fund or making a contribution at the end of tax season?

Available from 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.
Address 3290 North Ad Art Road Stockton, CA 95215