Young Farmers & Ranchers

YF&R is free for anyone to join. The Young Farmers & Ranchers is a program dedicated to young agriculturalists between the ages of 18 to 35. Here, members will get a firsthand understanding of the agricultural impact their work has on San Joaquin County. They will also learn about the different facets of ag, such as production, banking, business, and more!

The San Joaquin Young Farmers & Ranchers meets on the first Wednesday of every month, except for July and December.

Our regular activities include:

  • Touring Agricultural Operations
  • Assisting at Farm Bureau events
  • Purchasing livestock at AgFest Auction
  • Community service
  • Hosting the Annual Summer’s Bounty Fundraiser

Interested in Joining?

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Young Farmers & Ranchers Executive Committee

Co-Chair – Dennis Drake

Co-Chair – Neil Norman

Vice Chair – Khrista Samuel

Secretary – Alyssa Drake

Treasurer – Kent Norman

Fundraiser Chair – Brooklyn Petersen

Community Service Co-Chair – Jenna Rose Lee

Community Service Co-Chair – Alison Drake