Educating the Next Generation

The SJFB Foundation for Agricultural Education hosts various scholarships for local students of all backgrounds studying for a career in agriculture. With selfless donations from people in our county, we are able to offer $50,000 in scholarships annually. Take a look at all of the scholarships we have below.

Educational Programs

Ag in the Classroom

Ag in the Classroom is a 2-unit course designed to help educators learn more about agriculture in San Joaquin County. The program includes 4-days of tours of farms and agricultural business in San Joaquin County. Participants are given resources and tools to help incorporate agriculture into their classroom regardless of subject matter or grade level.

SJFB Foundation for Agricultural Education Grant Program

SJFB Foundation for Agricultural Education Grant Program was developed to support the San Joaquin County FFA Chapters and 4-H Clubs educational efforts. In 2019, it was expanded to include all San Joaquin County teachers with the goal of creating or expanding existing agricultural education efforts.


AgVenture is a program for San Joaquin County 3rd graders. Hosting nearly 11,000 students each year, AgVenture opens the agriculture world to these students, teachers, and parent chaperones. During these three events, students learn about the growing and processing of different commodities, they get to see and touch farm animals and experience farm equipment firsthand. With nearly 900 volunteers, SJFB and Foundation work to support this program by participating as volunteers, presenting, and assisting with the planning and coordination of these events. Please click on the AgVenture link to visit their website and be sure to check out the new videos Foundation has partnered on. 

Kids Contest

Kids Contest every year we hold our annual Poster Contest for San Joaquin County students grades K-6. The winning entry for each grade category will receive an ice cream party and a presentation from a local farmer including a group activity for the class. For more information on these programs and more please contact SJFB Staff

     Ask A Farmer! 

Calling all San Joaquin County students have you ever had a question you wanted to ask about agriculture? Then this is for you! Send your questions to  SJFB Staff and see if your question will be answered in this new program!

Current 2021 Videos  

How to Contribute

This organization wouldn’t be able to educate so many of our county’s students and teachers without donations. Your contribution is directly linked to us educating the next generation of agriculturalists in San Joaquin. Please consider donating below:

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