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As a cornerstone of the county’s agricultural industry, the San Joaquin Farm Bureau represents over 4,000 families throughout our area. Our staff, volunteers, and board of directors advocate for all of our members through grassroots organizations, education, scholarships, regulatory and legislative outreach, and so much more. The San Joaquin Farm Bureau's efforts are in constant motion.

We believe that one of San Joaquin County’s biggest assets is our agricultural industry, so we work hard to ensure that the farming community is supported and represented for many years to come!

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History of SJFB & Agriculture in the County

Agriculture is the biggest industry in San Joaquin County and shapes everything we do. However, we knew we needed to do something to support the farmers that contribute to such a large part of our county.

In 1914, the San Joaquin Farm Bureau Federation was started. Our organization was established as a link between the University of California Extension and farmers. We knew something had to be done about the issues that disproportionately affected farmers.
early days

The Making of the Farm Bureau

As a link between the U.C. Extension system, the Farm Bureau fostered a relationship between members of our agricultural community and farm advisors. By working together, the U.C. Extension’s farm advisors could conduct field trials in different parts of California. This meant the Farm Bureau could share valuable research findings with our farmers.

Over the years, the Farm Bureau developed an organizational structure and tradition to best help farmers like you. Members are grouped into Farm Centers based on location to provide even more specific support and representation of the local communities within San Joaquin County. Our Farm Advisors still give a report at every SJFB meeting today about the state of our county’s farming!

From our humble roots, we’ve worked tirelessly to raise awareness and advocate for farmers on issues like water, land use, and other issues that uniquely affect farmers. This includes things like providing insurance, compliance trainings, partnerships, consumer education, and so much more—all at a discounted rate for Farm Bureau members.

When you join, you’re not only joining other farmers, you’re joining a group of likeminded people who care about the issues that affect our community and want to see something done about it.

Consistency over time

Over 100 Years in the Making

A lot has changed since 1914, but we still believe that agriculture works best when we work together. We encourage anyone who cares about our county’s farming to take part and become a member today! From farmers, packers, and those who just care about sustainable farming, we work best when we stand together.

For over one hundred years, we’ve led and operated with this mindset. As a part of the San Joaquin County agricultural community, we work hard to represent you.

The San Joaquin Farm Bureau Federation is a 501(c)(5) non-profit organization.

2021-22 Board of Directors & Staff


David Strecker, President
Andrew Watkins, First Vice President
Joe Ferrari, Second Vice President

Farm Center Directors

Joe Salazar, Chair
Brian Fuso
Charlie Starr

Calla Nile
Tim Weststeyn, Chair
Robert Bogetti
Mike Luis
Dave Phippen
Bryan Van Groningen

Les Strojan, Chair
Jeff Hachman
Chester Murphy

Caleb Gervase, Chair
Herman Doornenbal, Jr.
Katie Veenstra
Paul Voortman

Richard Rodriguez, Chair
Brie Hunt
Stanton Lange
Alfred Nicolini

Nick Ferrari, Chair
James Chinchiolo
Donald Drake (YF&R Chair)
Steve Galvin
Gerald Nola

Nick Mussi, Chair
Gary Abate
Patrick Drury

Joe Bacchetti, Chair
Jim Connolly
Phil Martin
Pete Reece, Jr.

Nick Bokides, Chair
John Anagnos
Amy Blagg
Kelton Fleming

Directors At Large

Phil Brumley
Jean Cabral, Emeritus
Mick Canevari
Karen Cultrera
Jim Ferrari
Brad Goehring
Jack Hamm

Bob Hesseltine
Jim Larkin
Henry Long, Emeritus
Joe Luis
Daniel Meza
Steve Moore
Joe Petersen
Jerry Robinson

Paul Sanguinetti
Jake Samuel
Les Schmid
David Simpson
Ken Vogel
Darrell Voortman
Kenny Watkins


Bruce Blodgett
Executive Director

Jessica Coit
Membership Coordinator

Program Assistant