2022 will be an important year

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By David Strecker, SJFB President

I looked back at my December article from last year. I very easily could have cut and pasted last year’s article. We are facing an uphill challenge going into 2022. Input costs are rising weekly.

Personally, I’m trying to make as many purchases as possible now, not only due to the rising costs, but the fear of availability as the growing season progresses next year. Typically by doing this, one would be concerned of available capital and resources to do this. However, current forecasts are not encouraging for stormy weather this winter. Will all of these purchases be for nothing if water is curtailed once again next year?

Easy to say, but we must remain optimistic that Mother Nature will come through for us. I, along with the other officers will be attending the California Farm Bureau annual meeting the second week of December in Garden Grove. The challenges that we all face next year are not isolated to one industry, commodity or area.

This year is an election year for state officers and the question of uniting the entire industry and state will be the topic of discussion. Too many enemies to agriculture have been in Sacramento for too long. Entering 2022, it is essential the entire state is working together to a common goal of supporting family farmers and ranchers.

When the new year comes, San Joaquin Farm Bureau will be ready to continue advocating for our local members. As an election year, you will be hearing from us throughout the year. I know I can sound like a broken record, but everybody’s involvement in this coming election is vital to our survival. I will update you come January on California Farm Bureau’s plan for the future.

Let’s keep those prayers coming for a bountiful snowpack and I wish that each of you are able to have a very Merry Christmas, and once again, I hope 2022 is the year we can finally get ahead.