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By Vicky Boyd

Confused by its title, California voters rejected Proposition 13, a March ballot measure that would have allowed the state to issue $15 billion in new school bonds.

Voters in November will again face a measure about the original Prop. 13. This time, though, they will be asked to amend the 1978 property tax reform measure to increase taxes on business properties, including packinghouses, dairy milking parlors, wineries and processors.

Farming is an essential business, but safety is a concern.

By Vicky Boyd

This recent picture of a farmer in San Joaquin County shows that those in the agricultural industry remain hard at work to supply the world. Photo by Vicky Boyd

ALTHOUGH THE CORONAVIRUS pandemic has brought many everyday activities to a screeching halt and prompted a statewide shelter in place, the show must go on for agriculture.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and state Office of Emergency Services have classified food and agriculture as one of the 16 “essential” infrastructure sectors that must remain operational.

By Craig W. Anderson

March of 2020 may not have hit the March Miracle level as far as rain was concerned but it was good enough to elicit optimism and enthusiasm from growers and water districts in the county.

By Craig W. Anderson

Requirements mandated by the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) have put Stockton East Water District (SEWD) in a financial bind due to the rate cap that establishes the district’s maximum agricultural groundwater and surface water assessment.