No Arson or Suspicious Fires Reported



Between 9-5-21 and 9-8-21 unknown subjects—at the time–broke into several workshops and storage sheds on a rural property in the 9000 BLK of WALNUT GROVE RD in Thornton and took a built drag racing engine, a Polaris RZR SXS, and two RV camper trailers. Trackers were placed on the remaining vehicles at the property as well as cameras placed around the property itself. Please see AG related arrests below for disposition. 21-19950 (MILEY, STUHMER, PIOMBO)

Sometime overnight between 9-6-21 and 9-7-21 unknown subject/s entered a barn in the 18000 BLK of NORTH BRUELLA RD in Acampo and stole a KUBOTA L3400 series tractor with a vineyard disc attached to it. An AG ALERT was sent out in the days following theft. At this time the tractor and disc are still outstanding. The victim did not have cameras in place at the barn and could not provide any suspect information. This case is open pending further investigative leads. 21-19641 (STUHMER)

On 9-19-21 at approximately 1400 victim noticed a large Wacker Neuson generator was missing from his property in the 15000 BLK of W GRANT LINE RD in Tracy. The generator is yellow and is on a wheeled trailer. Approximate value is between $30-50k. No cameras at this location. The trailer was in a field being used for irrigation. Case is open pending further investigative leads. 21-20735 (FLINT)

On 9-11-21 unknown suspects stole a 2002 Trailmax tilt trailer from a property in the 2000 BLK of PELTIER RD. The trailer was then located by another farmer near the train tracks by PELTIER and LOWER SAC RD on 9-13-21 and ultimately returned to the victim. No damage was reported and it is unknown why the trailer was dumped and not taken. 21-20407 (PIOMBO)



There were 28 catalytic converter theft cases reported at various locations in the unincorporated areas San Joaquin County from 9-7-21 to 10-12-21. The total loss is at least $50,000. Case Numbers: 21-19655, 21-19656, 21-19719, 21-19748, 21-19942, 21-19965, 21-20082, 21-20283, 21-20427, 21-20450, 21-20660, 21-20879, 21-20893, 21-21200, 21-21209, 21-21312, 21-21325, 21-21381, 21-21382, 21-21440, 21-21488, 21-21495, 21-21557, 21-21569, 21-21900, 21-100339, and 21-100352.

On 9-8-21 at approximately 0645hrs AT&T phone line was cut in the 3000 BLK of ODELL AVE in Stockton. Reporting party advised that several other locations in the Stockton and Lathrop area also had their phone lines cut. This particular section was about 50 feet of 400 pair copper wire. Unknown value at this time. No suspect information and no cameras in this area. 21-19735 (DOBLE/VILLAGOMEZ)

On 9-24-21, a reporting party that works for business victim AT&T reported that in the area of BROADWAY CT/BROADWAY AVE in Stockton approximately 1,300 feet of telephone line was cut down and removed. It is unknown when it was cut down as the RP stated the last time he noticed the line there undisturbed was approximately 6 months ago. There were no cameras in this area and there is no suspect information at this time. 21-21129 (T. MORGAN)

On 10-5-21 Patrol Deputy Sablan was dispatched to the 2800 BLK of South ROBERTS RD in Stockton to the report of copper wire theft. Business victim (AT&T) advised that approximately 360 feet of copper cable had been cut from power poles and taken. There are no cameras in the area and the reporting party could not provide any suspect information. Stolen wire valued at approximately $4000. 21-21924 (SABLAN)

On 10-7-21 Patrol Deputy Davis responded to the 3400 BLK of SOUTH WHISKEY SLOUGH RD in Stockton to the report of copper wire theft. The reporting party for business victim (AT&T) reported that approximately 250 feet of 19 gauge copper wire had been cut from power poles and stolen. Due to the remote location no cameras were in the area and no suspect information could be provided by the reporting party. Total loss in damages and lost copper wire is approximate $12,000 21-22063 (DAVIS/ROUPETT)



Sometime during the night hours of 9-22-21 to 9-23-21 a large storage shed/shop was broken into in the 3000 BLK of W LEHMAN RD in Tracy. Several items were taken and a full inventory is still being completed by the property owner. No cameras or suspect info at this time. Case is open pending further investigation.  ONLINE REPORT 21-100351

During the nighttime hours between 9-15-21 and 9-16-21 unknown subject/s cut the fence to the Mountain House Water Reclamation Plant and stole several high value pieces of construction equipment including: power trowels, a waste pump and a ground compactor. This case is open pending further investigative leads. 21-20518 (MATCHAK)

Business victim A&J Portables reported that sometime between 6-10-21 and 7-14-21 unknown suspects took a set of double portable toilet trailers from a farm in the area of N JACK TONE/BAKER RD. There were no cameras at the location and no suspect information is known at this time. 21-20357 (STUHMER)

Sometime during the night hours between 10-1-21 and 10-2-21 unknown suspects stole a single axle porta potty trailer with 3 grey portable bathrooms on it from the 10000 BLK of HOLMES RD in French Camp. They are light grey in color and numbered 11-13. Unknown suspect information at this time and there were no trackers on the trailer. 21-21691 (RAMOS)



On 9-12-21 patrol deputies responded to a report of a burglary from the VCA Oakwood Animal Hospital in Woodbridge. During the investigation it was discovered that an unknown white male had made entry into the business and stolen several different veterinary medications. While investigating a separated unrelated domestic violence case later that evening, patrol deputies searched a backpack belonging to (A) Williams, Steven WMA 2-26-02. They located several bottles of medication belonging to the Veterinary Hospital inside the arrestees backpack. The deputy investigating the burglary from the animal hospital responded and interviewed Williams. Williams refused to give a statement about the break in and theft however due to the stolen items being located in the backpack he was wearing he was placed under arrest for the burglary and booked into jail. 21-20075 (QUINONES)

Sometime between 9-1-21 and 9-20-21 unknown subjects entered a property in the 23000 BLK of S AUSTIN RD in Ripon and stolen approximately $3,000 worth of pumpkins. There are no cameras in the area and there is no suspect information at this time. 21-20821 (HERRERO)



On 9-12-21 an unknown subject driving a Black Cadillac Escalade with no plates pulled into the Chevron gas station on WALNUT GROVE RD in Thornton and stole approx. 200 gallons of gasoline. Cameras were activated but no suspect info could be obtained other than a heavy set unknown race male. 21-21324 (ROSAS)

On 10-4-21 at approximately 0900 patrol deputies responded to a possible fuel theft from an agricultural property in the 26000 BLK of N MACKVILLE RD in Clements.  Deputies found that a diesel and a gasoline storage tank had been tampered with. Locks were cut and a small battery powered fluid transfer pump was located in the area. The victim was not sure how much fuel was stolen at this time. There are no cameras in this area and no fingerprints were located. 21-21827 (FLINT)



On 9-22-21 at approximately 1400, Community Car deputies were dispatched to the 20000 BLK of S HANSEN RD in Tracy to the report of a wire theft in progress. One deputies arrived on scene they discovered that the subjects reported as being potentially involved in the wire theft were on the property at the direction of the landlord and were not stealing any wire. However, during a protective sweep of the property the deputies noticed two large enclosed trailers that appeared to be stolen as well as a large portable style generator. Due to the VIN being scratched off of the trailers and generator, all three items were towed for a VIN verification. It is still being investigated pending VIN verification. 21-20946 (HOHN, GLASS)

On 9-30-21 at approximately 0800 AGNET Deputy STUHMER received a tip from a property owner that a White/Tan Ford F-250 was located in his orchard off of JACK TONE RD still running and unoccupied. Deputy STUHMER responded and found that the vehicle had been involved in a pursuit with CHP the night prior where the vehicle was lost in the orchards. It was later discovered that the vehicle was reported stolen out of Hollister Pd and the license plate was stolen out of Escalon PD. The vehicle and the plate were recovered and processed for evidence and returned to its rightful owner. 21-21537 (STUHMER)

On 10-1-21 deputies responded to the area of KOONTZ RD and WALNUT GROVE RD in Thornton to a reported theft of an orange MQ (MULTIQUIP) generator part number: 150-179 KVA. The victim was not sure when the generator was stolen and did not have cameras in the area. The generator was dumped near a residence in the 2000 BLK of W PARK ST in Stockton and was called in as suspicious by the homeowner.  It was located by deputies and returned to the victim. 21-21631 (GARCIA)

On 10/01/2021, at approximately 1300 hours, patrol deputies were dispatched to a call from a local farmer reporting a truck possibly being dumped in an orchard in the area of Sedan Avenue and Tinnin Road in Manteca. Detective STUHMER took the call and responded to the area where he located a yellow colored Peterbilt flatbed truck parked in between almond orchard rows on the South side of the road, unoccupied. No one was in the immediate area. The truck was found to belong to a recent victim of a commercial burglary where a safe, a Lincoln welder and 16 semi-truck tires were still outstanding. The semi was dusted for fingerprints and the scene processed for any other possible evidence. The truck was returned to its rightful owner and the case is still open. 21-21601 (STUHMER)



On 9-17-21 a tracker placed on a vehicle belonging to a victim of multiple burglaries at a property in the 9000 BLK of WALUNT GROVE RD in Thornton began to activate. Deputies responded to the area of Aurora and Anderson St in Stockton, Ca and located the vehicle in the area where it had last given off a “GPS ping”. The vehicle was occupied by three subjects: Torres, Oscar HMA 11-3-72, Delacruz, Joaquin HMA 7-26-83, and Bruno, Raul HMA 4-28-83. Upon an interrogation conducted by Deputy Lopez, he was able to obtain a full confession from Torres and Bruno about the vehicle theft as well as other burglaries that occurred at the same property where multiple high value items were taken from the victim. During the interrogation Torres agreed to show deputies where the stolen items were and a full recovery of 2 stolen travel trailers, and a built drag racing engine was completed along with other evidentiary items that led to the recovery of several thousand pounds of stolen copper wire from a construction site in SPD jurisdiction. Two other subjects were identified as being involved and responsible for the burglaries: Soto, Leonel HMA 10-2-83 and Elias, Lena HFA 3-31-98. These subjects were later located and arrested in regards to this case, Deputy Lopez once again obtained a full confession from both subjects as to their involvement in the burglaries and vehicle thefts. Charges of vehicle theft, conspiracy, burglary, and possession of stolen property were filed against the above subjects. On a later date the Polaris RZR SXS was located and returned to the victim with the help of a local area farmer off of Mariposa Rd. 21-19950, 21-17951 and 21-20607. (STUHMER, PIOMBO, WEST, LOPEZ, MILEY)

On 10-2-21 patrol deputies were dispatched to a property in the 12000 BLK of EAST HIGHWAY 120 in Manteca for a report of a theft of a tool box and tampering with several of the victims tractors. During the investigation Patrol Deputy Lopez identified Stephen Metcalf WMA 4-25-86 as being responsible for the theft. Metcalf was located in another shop on the property by following the footprints from where the toolbox was stolen. He was found to be squatting inside it. The victim’s toolbox and tools were all recovered and returned and Metcalf was arrested and booked on several felony warrants as well as a fresh charge of PC 484(a), Theft. 21-21682 (LOPEZ)

Please report any and all suspicious activity.
For non-emergency reports 24 hours a day, you can call 209-468-4400.  In the event of an emergency call 911.

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