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August 11, 2021-September 7, 2021



No Arson or Suspicious Fires Reported



On August 16th, unknown suspect(s) stole a navy blue portable double restroom trailer with the name “CARRANZA” written on the frame of the trailer in white lettering. The trailer was taken from the area of E PELTIER RD and N DUSTIN RD in Acampo, CA. At this time there is no suspect information and the trailer is still outstanding. 21-18277

Sometime overnight between August 17th and August 18th, two 2021 John Deere Gators (Model #XUV560E) were stolen from a barn on a property in the 2900 BLK of N BURNS CUTOFF RD. Each of the Gators had low miles on them and were recently purchased for approximately $10,500 each. At this time this report is still open pending investigative leads. 21-18032 STUHMER

Unknown (S)’s gained access to a yard next to a barn and stole a 2013 silver colored jump trailer($10K), in the 12000 block of E Hwy 120, Manteca, sometime from 08/27/21 to 09/02/21. AG alert sent out 9-7-21 This case is ongoing pending further investigative leads 21-19512 STUHMER



Approximately 50’ of AT&T data transmission line was cut and stolen from powerlines in the 12000 BLK of N ALPINE RD in Lodi. No cameras in the area and no witnesses of the theft came forward. The date of the theft is unknown however was believed to be between 8-20-21 and 8-23-21. Total loss to AT&T is $8,000. 21-18421

Overnight from 8-11-21 to the early morning hours of 8-12-21 unknown suspects stole 6 aluminum “WADCO” metal forms and several other “spreaders” used to secure and space the concrete forms. The equipment was stolen from an overpass construction site at Farmington and Hwy 99. Total loss to the victim is approximately $9,600. No surveillance cameras were utilized at this particular site and as such there is no known suspect information at this time. 21-17885

There were 30 catalytic converter theft cases reported at various locations in the unincorporated areas San Joaquin County from 8-11-21 to 9-7-21. The total loss is at least $30,000. Case Numbers: 21-17550, 21-17555, 21-17697, 21-17784, 21-17849, 21-17868, 21-17895, 21-17897, 21-17986, 21-18008, 21-18138, 21-18141, 21-18161, 21-18169, 21-18195, 21-18197, 21-18261, 21-18399, 21-18464, 21-18568, 21-18615, 21-18715, 21-19127, 21-19196, 21-19202, 21-19264, 21-100285, 21-100292, 21-100300 and 21-100306.



On August 12th, a burglary occurred of a locked barn on an agricultural property in the 9000 BLK of WALNUT GROVE RD in THORNTON, CA. During the burglary several high dollar vehicle parts and other various tools were taken. Items were posted to a fake OfferUp account. Some of the items taken had been sold to another OfferUp user. The buyer was contacted and cooperated with the investigation, as such the items recovered and returned to the rightful owner. Investigation is ongoing to identify the OfferUp account holder. 21-17951 MILEY

On September 4th victim reported that a barn located on her property in the 6000 BLK of KETTLEMAN LN in Lodi, CA was broken into. The barn was full of old farming implements and other AG related equipment but it appeared that at the time nothing was taken. Only property damage was noted due to the forced entry into the barn. Victim had no surveillance cameras and at this time there is no suspect information. 21-19361

Overnight, between August 28th and the 29th, unknown suspect(s) broke into a construction trailer in the 1800 BLK of S GINZBURG ST in Mountain House. During the break-in, an industrial air compressor and two paint machines were taken worth approximately $4,750. There were no cameras in the area and no suspect info is known at this time. 21-18824

Unknown suspects gained access to a property in the 8900 BLK of E SARGENT RD and broke into several vehicles and outbuildings and stole a brand new battery, two battery chargers and other stereo equipment valued at approximately $3000. The homeowner was on vacation at the time of the theft and advised that his internet/cable utility wires were cut as well. Fingerprints were located and at this time this investigation is ongoing to identify any potential suspects. 21-18858

On or before August 30th, STOCKTON EAST WATER DISTRICT had their fence cut with unknown damage at this time.  An unknown (S) accessed a bean field just east of the Mormon Slough and in between Highway 26 and Main Street.  These unknown (S)s broke off riser pipes on irrigation lines that contained sprinkler heads, taking most of them, for an approximate loss/damage amount of $1,800.  Also, due to flooding, approximately an acre and a half of heirloom beans were lost as a result. At this time, the victim indicated that he is unsure of the total loss. 21-19040 STUHMER

On August 17th, around 2100 hours, unknown suspect(s) came onto victims property in the 28000 Blk of E KELLY RD in Escalon and took the victims green Coleman canoe, which was also on its trailer.  The total value of both the trailer, vessel and items on the boat was approximately $5,000. An AG Alert was sent out to San Joaquin and nearby agencies but so far no suspect information has been obtained. 21-18024



On August 20th victims reported a theft of 30-32 head of cattle were stolen from the area of EAST FLOOD RD and NORTH ESCALON BELLOTA RD. The date of theft was believed to be on or around May 16th, 2021. Investigation is ongoing, however it is believed that the cattle may have already been transported out of state. 21-18207 STUHMER

On August 23rd residents reported that an animal owner in the 5000 BLK of the HWY 99 E FRONTAGE RD was sending his pitbull to chase after and kill wild ducks in an area mobile home complex. Deputies responded and viewed video that did show the animal chasing after the ducks but none were killed. No evidence of dead or injured ducks were located in the area. No evidence of any other crime was discovered. Case referred to animal services for follow up and contact with dog owner. 21-18374



No agriculture fuel theft reported.



On August 11th, victim reported that his son stole his Harley Davidson motorcycle form the 10000 BLK of EAST MARIPOSA RD. Motorcycle was located by deputies and the son was arrested for VC 10851 and PC 496D. Motorcycle was returned to owner. 21-17578

While investigating an unrelated case in the 4900 BLK of W ELEVENTH ST in TRACY, Detective J. PIOMBO located a stolen 2013 Carry-On enclosed trailer that was parked on the side of an apartment complex in the area near one of the units. The trailer was listed as being stolen back in 2019. It was later found that the suspect who currently had possession of the trailer was a former employee of the victim. However, due to there being no proof of the suspect in possession of the trailer being responsible for the theft from when it was initially reported the victim declined to pursue charges against the former employee. The trailer was subsequently recovered and returned to the victim. 21-18486 (DET PIOMBO/WEAVER)

Early in the morning of August 28th, deputies were called to a report of a suspicious female trying telling passing motorists that she was being followed by an unknown male truck driver and was afraid he was going to kidnap her. When deputies arrived they found that the female identified as Leta Marie ARIAS had been approaching vehicles attempting to get a ride because her car ran out of gas. After a brief investigation it was found that the vehicle ARIAS was driving had been reported stolen out of Modesto. Her story she was telling motorists was fabricated in an attempt to get a ride. ARIAS was arrested for VC 10851 and PC 496D and the vehicle was returned to its rightful owner. 21-18749

On August 31st, Detective Stuhmer received a call from a property owner in the 23000 BLK of EAST HWY 26 stating that there was a burned up vehicle on their property. Detective Stuhmer located a 2016 Ford Explorer that had been reported stolen to Stockton Police Department. The vehicle was recovered and towed from the property and the victim was notified. No suspect information at this time. 21-19077 STUHMER

On September 6th, Deputy Jacobsen located a suspicious 2003 Honda Element being driven by Ethan CARSON. During a stop of the vehicle it was found that the vehicle had been reported stolen. Upon contact with the victim it was determined that the vehicle had changed hands several times since the initial theft. The vehicle was ultimately recovered and returned to the rightful owner and Ethan CARSON was booked into jail for VC 10851 and PC 496D. 21-19547 JACOBSEN

On August 19th, Det. PIOMBO located a stolen and dumped portable bathroom trailer in the diverting canal near Wilson Way and Anderson St. in Stockton, CA. The trailer was found to be missing the washing station and was damaged. However through follow up Det. PIOMBO was able to locate the right owner and return his trailer to him. 21-18154 (Det. PIOMBO)



Over the past month several subjects have been breaking into and squatting in a vacant home on a large agricultural property in the 7000 BLK of W ARBOR AVE in Tracy. The victim reported that due to pending probate court cases for the property he was unable to rent it out or have anyone stay there. During the burglaries several items were taken from the house. A suspect (Shawn BURKS) was identified as being responsible for at least one of the burglaries and was arrested and booked into jail for PC 459. However, since then several other subjects have broken into the house and stolen other items including an aluminum boat and trailer valued at approximately $3,000. This investigation is currently ongoing and efforts to locate and arrest the other suspects responsible are currently under way. 21-18446, 21-18909, 21-19519 PIOMBO

Over the past several months Detective McElwain has been conducting an investigation into the theft and illegal sales of stolen catalytic converters. On 8-17-21 Det. McElwain conducted a traffic stop on a suspicious vehicle believed to be associated with the theft of catalytic converters. During the stop, 3 cut off catalytic converters were located in the vehicle as well as a Milwaukee Sawzall. Through further investigation it was found that the suspects in the vehicle had a storage unit at the Waterloo Rd self-storage. A search warrant was served on this unit and approximately 280 catalytic convertors were located inside the storage unit. The occupants of the initial suspect vehicle, Jesus OJEDA-PELAYO and Jorge VELARDE were arrested and booked into jail for PC 466, PC 487 and PC 496. While processing the storage unit a second vehicle was stopped that was believed to be associated with the thefts. The sole occupant of that vehicle was Michael Anthony Blair. A second search warrant was authored for a residence in the 400 BLK of E VINE ST in STOCKTON, CA. Additional stolen catalytic converters were located. Also, this house was extremely filthy and deemed uninhabitable. Several young juveniles were found inside the house during the service of the search warrant. (A) Michael Anthony BLAIR, was arrested and booked into the San Joaquin County Jail for violations of PC 182(A) Conspiracy to commit crime, PC 496(A) Receive known stolen property, H&S 11351 sales of a controlled substance, H&S 11352 Transportation of a controlled substance, PC 273A (A) Child cruelty and 278 counts of B&P 21608(A) Junk dealer fail to keep records. 21-17986 MCELWAIN/AGNET

On August 25th, while driving in the 3500 BLK of MYRTLE ST in STOCKTON Deputy Millmore located an older green John Deere Gator being driven by suspect Matthew RIDDLE. Further investigation by Detective Stuhmer revealed that suspect RIDDLE had obtained the Gator from a subject by the name of Brandon TIDWELL. This subject was later determined to be responsible for the initial theft from a nearby AG property off of Highway 4. TIDWELL was booked into jail for PC 487(k) (felony theft of ag equipment), VC 10851 and PC 496D. 21-18538 MILLMORE/STUHMER

Please report any and all suspicious activity.

For non-emergency reports 24 hours a day, you can call 209-468-4400.  In the event of an emergency call 911.

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