No Arson or Suspicious Fires were reported during this period.


On 12/23/2021, unknown suspects entered a property on Stewart Road in Lathrop and stole a 2002 Chevy Silverado pickup.  The property owner witnessed the theft and attempted to stop the vehicle before the suspects fled, however they crashed through an iron gate on the property causing several thousand dollars in damage.  At this time the case is being actively investigated by Lathrop Police Services and AGNET.  21-27938

Overnight from 12/23/2021 to 12/24/2021, a blue 1990 Ford 4830 tractor was stolen from a residence in the 9000 Block of N Highway 88 in Stockton.  The tractor was driven a short distance, by the unknown suspect, towards E Eight Mile Road where it was dumped due to being out of fuel.  The victim was able to recover the tractor and drive it back to their residence.  21-27973

Sometime after the evening of 12/19/2021, unknown suspects caused approximately $8K damage to the front security gate to a business in the 9400 Block of W Arbor Avenue in Tracy.  A white 2006 Chevrolet Silverado work truck was stolen and later recovered on 12/23/2021.  There was no suspect information at that time.  21-27753


There were 21 catalytic converter theft cases reported at various locations within unincorporated San Joaquin County, between 12/15/2021 and 01/11/2022.  The total loss was at least $21,000.00.  Case Numbers:  21-27376, 21-27405, 21-27443, 21-27489, 21-27577, 21-27624, 21-27699, 21-28322, 21- 28388, 21-1000452, 21-100454, 22-46, 22-282, 22-284, 22-360, 22-422, 22-437, 22-440, 22-514, 22-623, and 22-770.

On 12/15/2021 around midnight, AT&T wire theft occurred in the 1100 Block of E French Camp Road in French Camp.  Approximately 170 feet of 600 pair was cut and there was no suspect information, witnesses or cameras in the area.  21- 27416

Sometime between the evening of 12/15/2021 and the morning of 12/17/2021, unknown suspects entered a property located in 16000 Block of E Copperopolis Road.  The suspects broke into a junction box and stole approximately 30′ of three strand copper wire from the junction box connected to an irrigation pump.  Approximately $3,000.00 in damage/loss occurred.  There was no suspect information at this time and no cameras in the area.  21-27580 MILEY

Sometime overnight on 12/20/2021, unknown suspects cut down and stole approximately 20 feet of copper wire/cable from a telephone pole in front of a residence in the 100 Block of W Lowell Avenue in Stockton. Approximately $21,500.00 damage occurred and there was no suspect information.  21-27748

On 12/30/2021, unknown suspects cut and stole approximately 150 feet of copper wire/cable from the area of W Highway 4/S Tracy Boulevard in Stockton.  The approximate replacement value was $7,500.00.  No suspect information at this time.  21-28388

On 01/01/2022, an older Hispanic male was located on the delta just north of Bullfrog Landing in possession of AT&T telephone copper wire/cable.  He was caught attempting to strip the casing off the copper wire with a small knife.  When confronted by the reporting party, the suspect fled in a maroon 2015 Honda Odyssey van bearing license plates CA 7LQF109.  The suspect was positively identified and a Ramey warrant will be authored/requested for his arrest.  22-38 PEKAREK, MILEY, PIOMBO

On or before 12/24/2021, unknown suspects forcibly entered an orchard, causing approximately $500.00 to the fence as well as cutting two locks, in the 12000 Block of N Alpine Road in Lodi, and stole 60′ to 80′ of copper wire, valued at approximately $960.00.  No video cameras or witnesses in the area and no known suspects at this time.  21-28154


A storage shop on the property of a business in the 30000 Block of Lone Tree Road in Oakdale, was broken into sometime overnight between 12/15/2021 and 12/16/2021.  A Kubota lawnmower key and a 110 gallon sandblasting tank & trailer were taken.  No suspect information at this time.  21-27464

A burglary occurred in the 8000 Block of N Shelton Road in Linden, between the dates of 12/22/2021 at 1200 hours and 12/24/2021 at 0800 hours.  The victim’s conex box was cut with bolt cutters and unknown suspects entered the inside of the conex box taking tools and other items.  Also stolen was a black dump trailer with license plate 4NP8344.  No suspect information at this time.  21-27971

Sometime between 12/27/2021 and 12/30/2021 unknown suspects stole a blue 22 ton Huskee brand log splitter from a residence surrounded by an orchard, in the 7000 Block of E Sedan Avenue in Manteca.  The value was approximately $2,000.00.  No suspect information at this time.  21-28402


None reported this period.


On 12/27/2021, at the intersection of S Chrisman Road/W Schulte Road in Tracy, unknown suspects stole approximately 450 gallons of diesel fuel valued at $2,000.00, from three of the victim’s work trucks.  Also, the suspects the suspects also removed a LED bar and forks from the victim’s John Deere backhoe, valued at $400.00.  There was no suspect information at this time.  21-28263

On 12/27/2021 at approximately 0250 hours, fuel was stolen from two of the victim’s work trucks which were parked outside of his business, located in the 7000 Block of W Carmelo Avenue in Tracy.  The victim had cameras and captured a possible license plate on the suspect vehicle which was a green colored Honda Accord.  Community Car Deputy HOHN is doing further follow up on this case.  21-28138

A theft of diesel fuel that occurred between 12/23/2021 to 12/27/2021.  Unknown suspects were able to siphon fuel from a side fuel tank of a Freightliner.  According to the reporting party, the approximate loss was 100 gallons of diesel fuel with an approximate value of $400.00.  There was no suspect information at this time.  21-28150


AGNET Ag Deputies conducted follow up and surveillance on two properties in Keyes California, and located a stolen 1884 to 1887 wood/rusted metal antique farming wagon (approximate $3,000.00 value) and a stolen large rusted metal antique windmill (approximate $3,000.00 value).  These items had been stolen, during a forcible burglary to barns, from a victim in the 29200 Block of S Kasson Road in Tracy, on 12/29/2021.  Statements were taken from one suspect and witnesses on scene.  Deputy PIOMBO is conducting further follow up.  22-29 PIOMBO, MILEY, LOPEZ, PEKAREK, WEST, LT. THEODORE

On Saturday 12/18/2021 at approximately 1250 hours, a victim contacted off duty Deputy PIOMBO to advise him he believed he had saw his previously reported stolen 1970 John Deere 2755 front loader tractor valued at approximately $20,000.00; at a residence in the 5200 Block of E Mariposa Road in Stockton.  Deputy PIOMBO made arrangements for SJSO Patrol to respond where Deputies recovered the stolen tractor.  The tractor was returned to the victim and statements were taken from residents.  Deputy PIOMBO is conducting further follow up.  20-9802 PIOMBO

On Friday 12/24/2021 at approximately 1325 hours, Deputy PIOMBO located and recovered a stolen gold 2005 Dodge Durango, stuck in the mud in a field, by a homeless camp, near Paradise Avenue/Pescadero Avenue in Tracy.  The victim was contacted and responded on scene taking possession of their recovered vehicle.  There was no suspect information at this time.  21-27983 PIOMBO

Unknown suspects stole two UTVs, from the 1600 Block of N Escalon Bellota Road in Linden, which belong to a collective use group in San Joaquin County.  The UTVs were stolen sometime between 12/16/2021, between 1500 hours and 1830 hours.  The reporting party located the two UTV’s stuck in the mud on the following morning, 12/17/2021.  There was no suspect information at this time.  21-27808 MILEY

AGNET Ag Deputy LOPEZ recovered a stolen grey 2005 Ford F250 that had previously been reported stolen to Stockton Police Department on 12/30/2021; in the area of W Armstrong Road/N De Vries Road in Lodi.  There was no suspect information at that time.  22-262 LOPEZ

Deputy PIOMBO recovered an unreported stolen, unoccupied, white 2012 Nissan Altima 4-door sedan, which had several bullet holes in it; in an embankment at S Stark Road/W Howard Road in Stockton.  Also located were 15 Luger 9MM bronze colored expended shell casings, on the shoulder of the roadway.  No evidence of the vehicle being occupied during the shooting was located at this time.  The vehicle was been stolen from the 400 Block of Aries Place in Lathrop, sometime after Monday 01/03/2022 at 1300 hours.  Several other law enforcement departments were advised of this investigation.  Deputy PIOMBO is conducting further follow up.  22-416, 22-428, 22-435 PIOMBO


SJSO Patrol Deputy FLINT, with the assistance of AGNET Ag Deputies, recovered a stolen flatbed trailer in front of a residence in the 18400 Block of E Highway 12/88 in Clements.  There was damage to the trailer’s tail lights plus a missing driver’s side rear tire and license plates.  (A) Richard Noel BENTZ was booked into the San Joaquin County jail for fresh charges of PC496D(a) Possession of a Stolen Vehicle and VC10851(a) Vehicle Theft.  (A) BENTZ was also booked for four outstanding traffic misdemeanor warrants.  21-27823 WEAVER, PEKAREK, LOPEZ, MILEY, PIOMBO

AGNET Ag Deputy Pekarek conducted follow up into a case where a GMC Kodiak and Jacobsen dump trailer were stolen from the 15000 Block of S Jack Tone Road in Manteca.  The truck and trailer were subsequently recovered in the Manteca area.  Throughout the course of his investigation, Deputy Pekarek identified (A) Steven RODRIGUES as being involved in the theft.  During a probation search and interview that followed, (A) RODRIGUES admitted to being involved in the theft and also admitted to being in possession of several other stolen items.  (A) RODRIGUES was booked into the San Joaquin County Jail for one charge of PC182(a)(1): felony conspiracy, along with one charge of PC1203.2: probation violation, also a felony. Charges have been forwarded to the district attorney for charges related to the other stolen property recovered.  21-16570 PEKAREK

Deputy PIOMBO observed (A) Suyapa SANTOYO driving a suspect vehicle from a forcible burglary that occurred at a bar in North Stockton, within unincorporated San Joaquin County, where an ATM was ripped out using a chain connected to the suspect vehicle.  Approximately $1,000.00 in damage was done to the business and there was a loss of approximately $3,000.00 for the ATM/cash.  Statements were taken and leads are being followed up on for this investigation, by Deputy PIOMBO, Deputy WEAVER, and Deputy HOHN.  (A) SANTOYO was booked at the San Joaquin County Jail for several unrelated felony warrants, under case 21-27353.  21-25575 PIOMBO, WEAVER, LOPEZ

On Tuesday 12/28/2021, Delta RATT auto theft detectives arrested (A) James WARMINGTON JR who was driving a stolen white Toyota Tacoma pickup, which was a suspect vehicle for several burglaries to businesses in the unincorporated San Joaquin County area of Tracy.  (A) WARMINGTON JR was interviewed by Deputy PIOMBO and Deputy HOHN, regarding the burglaries.  (A) WARMINGTON JR was booked for several fresh charges including possession of a stolen vehicle, vehicle theft, burglary, possession of controlled substance, domestic violence, vandalism, conspiracy, and possession of burglary tools.  CHP case #205021021, 21-27744, 21-27813, 21-28274, 21-27450 PIOMBO

Please report any and all suspicious activity.
For non-emergency reports 24 hours a day, you can call (209) 468-4400. 
In the event of an emergency call 911.

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