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July 11, 2021 – August 10, 2021


  • The (RP) advised San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office (SJSO) that while he was putting out a hay fire, that was located in the 3200 Block of N Ad Art Road in Stockton, he was advised by a witness who had video surveillance footage around his business that showed approximately three subjects in the area during the time the fire occurred.  The video surveillance showed possibly two male subjects and one female subject near the hay stack at approximately 0220 hours on 08/03/2021.  One male suspect, wearing a red mask, walked out of the video footage view and when he returned the hay stack fire was seen.  All three subjects then fled on bicycles at approximately 0232 hours on 08/03/2021.  Due to poor video quality, no further description of the suspects was obtained.  21-16901



  • Unknown suspects, between 07/10/2021 1600 hours and 07/12/2021 0700 hours, made entry onto a construction site near Golden Valley Parkway/Spartan Way in Lathrop.  The suspects stole a 2020 Bobcat Skid Steer model T650, which belonged to a business victim.  The estimated loss was approximately $61,310.00, and the Skid Steer had GPS tracking on it.  The last GPS ping was at the location of occurrence and no further pings have occurred.  The Bobcat was entered into law enforcement database systems as stolen as well as flagged in Bobcat’s nationwide corporate system.                                   21-15197 MARTINEZ/PIOMBO
  • Unknown suspects made entry onto a construction site at W Grant Line Road/S Central Parkway in Mountain House, and stole a 2005 Bobcat S185H Skid Steer that was white and orange in color.  According to the (RP), this Skid Steer was parked in a construction site with no cameras in the area and at this time there is no suspect information.  This Bobcat Skid Steer did not have a GPS device on it.         21-15262 MARTINEZ/PIOMBO
  • A victim contacted off duty Deputy STUHMER and Deputy PIOMBO to report his 2003 GMC Kodiak truck stolen from his property in the 9800 Block of S Hutchinson Road in Manteca, by an unknown suspect between 07/29/2021 1600 hours and 07/30/2021 0745 hours.  Also missing was a black 1997 Jacobsen CG trailer.  Deputy MARTINEZ and Deputy PEKAREK were provided the information to handle the investigation.  The 2003 GMC Kodiak truck was located near the intersection of S Airport Way/Yosemite Avenue in Manteca, where there appeared to be some pieces stripped/missing from the truck.  The victim conducted an area check and spotted his missing Jacobsen trailer in the backyard of a property in the 500 Block of S Airport Way in Manteca.  The stolen truck, trailer, and stripped items were recovered and returned to the victim.  The suspect was not on scene, but identified and further follow up is being conducted.  21-16570 MARTINEZ
  • Unknown suspect stole a dirt bike from the 24000 Block of N Graham Road in Acampo.  The dirt bike was taken from behind a locked fence at this residence.  The (V) described the dirt bike as a Honda CFR50 CC, red and black in color, child’s dirt bike, with the number 213 on both sides, and a brown alligator pattern seat cover.  The (V) estimated the dirt bike value at approximately $1,000.00.  There is no suspect information at this time and no surveillance.  None of the property was damaged during the theft of the bike.  21-16074



  • There were 49 catalytic converter theft cases at various locations within unincorporated San Joaquin County, between 07/11/2021 to 08/10/2021.  The total loss is at least approximately $49,000.00.  21-15160, 21-15271, 21-15304, 21-15345, 21-15351, 21-15397, 21-15414, 21-15423, 21-15485, 21-15524, 21-15539, 21-15616, 21-15618, 21-15683, 21-15904, 21-15906, 21-15941, 21-15986, 21-16007, 21-16008, 21-16027, 21-16040, 21-16050, 21-16086, 21-16151, 21-16160, 21-16203, 21-16246, 21-16260, 21-16405, 21-16537, 21-16579, 21-16614, 21-16641, 21-16645, 21-16719, 21-16757, 21-16814, 21-16828, 21-16855, 21-17177, 21-17292, 21-100242, 21-100247, 21-100248, and 21-100266.



  • Two (S)’s were seen on a video camera at a fire station in Ripon, (S1) being tall with a large build, White or Hispanic Male, wearing all black clothing, a black hat, and a blue face covering.  (S2) was wearing a multi colored beanie, a gray sweatshirt, tan pants, yellow gloves, and a face covering as well.    Multiple items were stolen from a fire engine parked in the bay area of the fire station.  A Hurst tool and power set known as “jaws of life” were taken out of the fire truck.  Also, a Stihl chainsaw was taken, along with a handheld leaf blower.  During the incident, a security video camera was ripped off the wall located on the east side of the fire station and taken.  Total loss in tools was approximately $16,700.00.  21-16795
  • Unknown suspects, sometime between 07/07/2021 to 07/12/2021, gained access to a walnut orchard on the northeast corner of North Lower Sacramento Road and East Eight Mile Road in Lodi.  (S)’s stripped a five and a half horsepower Honda GX160 motor affixed to a two inch blue colored Flow Max lifter pump, off of a 2,500 gallon tank number 12.  The small engine’s serial number was entered into law enforcement database systems.  There is no suspect information at this time.  21-15668 STUHMER
  • Unknown suspects stole two generators off of the victim’s cattle ranch located in the 12000 W Neugebauer Road in Stockton.  This occurred between 07/29/2021 at approximately 2000 hours and 08/02/2021 at approximately 0800 hours.  There is no suspect information at this time.  21-16829
  • Unknown suspects cut the perimeter fence to the business located in the 23000 Block of S Chrisman Road in Tracy, and broke into the victim’s vehicle stealing the stereo, amp, and subwoofers from the vehicle. Items were valued at approximately $150.00 and approximately $2,500.00 in property damage occurred.  21-16341
  • In the 3800 Block of E Fremont Street in Stockton, the (V) had surveillance footage of an unknown male adult (S) last seen wearing a white t-shirt with dark colored pants trespassing on his property.  The unknown (S) was then seen opening an open door to a garage on the property, however the (S) was not seen in the video stealing any items.  The (S) then used a ladder to climb over the fence and exit the (V)’s property last seen heading in an unknown direction.  The (V) later noticed a pressure washer and welder valued at approximately $675.00 in total were missing.  21-15502
  • An unknown suspect cut the lock to a horse stall door of a locked barn located in the 25000 Block of N Graham Road in Acampo, and stole a black gas powered mountain bike.  This occurred in the middle of the night with no further details.  The approximate total loss was $350.00.  21-16335   



  • Deputy STUHMER received reports of numerous issues in the area of an orchard located in the 28300 Block of N Elliot Road in Galt.  The property owner reported issues consisting of dumped carcasses of horses, cows, pigs, and deer, along with multiple thefts of small engine/injector pumps and other miscellaneous items.  The reporting party also mentioned a camera he had located on the property via some of his employees, and believed some of them were poaching deer on this property without permission.  Phone contact was made with Wildlife Officer (W) Raul LOMELI giving him the disposition of our findings to this point and also we would continue to work together to try and identify suspects in this possible poaching of wild life.  21-15935 STUHMER
  • In the 19000 Block of S Manthey Road in French Camp unknown (S)’s broke into a trailer through the side window and a five gallon tank with a turtle inside was taken from the trailer.  The screen to the window was damaged and the window was pried open.  Total approximate value for the window damage is $250 to $300.  The total loss for the turtle and five gallon tank as well as all of the accessories that go with it, is approximately $150.  21-15791 



  • No agriculture fuel theft reported.



  • Wednesday 07/07/2021, AGNET Deputies STUHMER/PIOMBO and Community Car Deputies WEAVER/PUGH, completed an area check in a fenced in wooded area west of a business in the 15300 Block of N Thornton Road in Flag City.  Deputy STUHMER and Deputy PIOMBO had been doing follow up to agriculture crime case 21-13680, where a shade trailer was stolen from a victim in the13900 Block of N Thornton Road.  They located a black BIG W SALES horizontal leg tank trailer which was missing the 1,025 gallon horizontal fertilizer tank.  They also located a red/black small engine fertilizer pump with 1.5″ hoses that had all been removed/unbolted off of the BIG W SALES horizontal leg tank trailer.  Tuesday 07/13/2021, the victim was finally identified; and Deputy MARTINEZ and Deputy PIOMBO responded to the same wooded area where they recovered the unreported stolen trailer.  The BIG W SALES horizontal leg tank trailer and small engine fertilizer pump/hoses were all turned over to the victim.  Three subjects near the wooded area provided conflicting stories therefore there was no credible suspect information at that time.  21-15272 and 21-13680 STUHMER/PIOMBO/MARTINEZ
  • Relating to the above follow up, a black Renko fertilizer pump and approximately 25 feet of two inch hose were also recovered and turned over to a separate victim.  The victim said these items were stolen from farming land in Flag City.  21-15354 PIOMBO/MARTINEZ
  • Deputy NEGRETE and Deputy PIOMBO located a possible unreported stolen black two axle carry-on car trailer that unknown suspects removed the license plate, VIN, and other possible identifying numbers; at the Rode Way Inn located at 8009 N Hwy 99 W Fr Road in Stockton.  The unknown suspects towed the trailer using a white early-mid 2000’s Chevrolet Silverado extended cab with large dark (possibly black) aftermarket rims.  This case is open for follow up.  21-16815 NEGRETE/PIOMBO
  • Deputy STUHMER was performing Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) duties at the dead end of Mortenson Road and Airport Way near the San Joaquin River on 07/25/2021 at approximately 1231 hours, where he discovered a white Mazda B2300 pickup bearing California plate 57121C1 that was learned to belong to a business out of Ripon.  San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office Communications was requested to contact the business, and confirmed that the (V) had received information from an employee that the pickup had been stolen overnight from 07/24/2021 to 07/25/2021.  The stolen pickup was recovered/towed.  21-16157 STUHMER
  • A motorcycle theft occurred on 07/14/2021 at approximately 1000 hours, in the 2700 Block of E Lovelace Road in Manteca.  The victim stated that two unknown (S)’s took two dirt bikes without permission from an unlocked storage container on her property.  The victim was able to provide registration for a 2004 Honda motorcycle red in color, which was entered into law enforcement database systems as stolen.  She estimated the value of the dirt bike at approximately $600.00.  21-15386
  • On 07/15/2021, a (RP) called to report a suspicious vehicle parked in an orchard near the 1200 Block of Angier Road in Lodi.  Deputies responded and found the vehicle to be reported stolen.  The vehicle was recovered and returned to the owner.  There was no suspect information.  21-15424
  • The (RP) who was an employee at a business in the 2300 Block of E Waterloo Road in Stockton, called to report a trailer stolen due to the (S) not returning it.  The (RP) provided the (S)’s information and deputies followed up with the investigation.  The (S) was identified as (S) Dale WILLIAMS and charges were forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office for charges of 10851 CVC and 487(d)(1) PC.  21-15440



  • Deputy PIOMBO received complaints from residents of an outdoor marijuana grow at 9794 N Fernwood Road in Stockton.  (A) LOPEZ planted/cultivated approximately 300 living starter cannabis plants (no bud) in the backyard where he was currently living at, with the intent to sell them for profit once the plants would be able to be harvested.  The cannabis plants were not enclosed or secured by a structure.  (A) LOPEZ did not have a San Joaquin County Commercial Cannabis License or any type of doctor recommendation for personal use of cannabis.  (A) Julio Cesar LOPEZ was cited for misdemeanor violations of San Joaquin County Ordinance 4-20007 Cultivation of over 6 cannabis plants requires county commercial cannabis license, HS 11358(c) Person over 18 years old plants/cultivates more than 6 living cannabis plants, and HS 11359(b) 18 years or older who possess cannabis for sale.  21-17128, PIOMBO/NEGRETE/STUHMER/MCELWAIN
  • AGNET Deputy LOPEZ initiated a vehicle stop on a pickup for a CA Vehicle Code violation, in the area of E Lockeford Street/N Cherokee Road in Lodi.  The pickup led Deputies on a pursuit for approximately 16.2 miles and ended in a rural area of Galt.  The pickup crashed into a pasture and the driver of the pickup, (A) Justin Stephen FROLLI foot bailed.  The passenger of the pickup, (A) Benjamin John KING stayed with the pickup once it stopped and was immediately taken into custody by Deputies.  (A) KING had two shaved keys and the pickup was determined the pickup was cold plated and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) was reported as a stolen vehicle from Redding, California in May of 2020.  In the center console of the pickup, there was a live 9mm round.  There was also a safe containing a 9mm magazine for a firearm and also 15 rounds of 9mm ammunition.  (A) FROLLI was later found hiding in a creek bed with the assistance of the Sacramento County Canine unit.  Both (A) FROLLI and (A) KING had prior felony convictions and were subsequently booked into the San Joaquin County Jail.  (A) FROLLI was booked for the charges of PC30305(a)(1); felon in possession of ammunition, PC466; possession of burglary tools, PC496D(a); possession of a stolen vehicle, PC2800.2(a); felony reckless evading and PC148(a)(1); resisting arrest.  (A) KING was booked on the charges of PC30305(a); felon in possession of ammunition and PC466; possession of burglary tools.  21-15868 LOPEZ
  • On 07/22/2021, off duty Deputy PIOMBO received two separate reports of a suspect in a U-Haul box truck dumping garbage in the 11300 Block of N Hwy 99 E Frontage Road and at E Harney Lane/N Hwy 88, both in Lodi.  Deputy MARTINEZ and Deputy PEKAREK were requested to handle the reports.  Their investigation located video and photographs of the suspect’s U-Haul truck which displayed the U-Haul identifying truck number.  This particular U-Haul truck a few days later was involved in a vehicle pursuit with the SJSO, as well as the Lodi Police Department, in the general location of N Cherokee Lane in Lodi.  (A) Navdip Singh KHAIRA was identified as the driver of the U-Haul truck.  On 07/28/2021, Deputies PIOMBO, PEKAREK, and MARTINEZ set up surveillance in the city of Lodi with the assistance of Lodi PD, and later were able to apprehend (A) KHAIRA after he fled on foot from a local gas station where he rented the involved U-Haul truck.  (A) KHAIRA was booked for 21 total charges including fresh/warrant charges for vehicle theft, burglary, possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of controlled substances for sale, committing a felony while out on O.R., felony evading with wanton disregard for safety, grand theft, fraud/forgery, and DUI.  Charges for the garbage dump violations, which he admitted to committing, were also sent to the District Attorney for review.  21-15983, 21-16382, 21-15907, and 21-16379 PIOMBO/MARTINEZ/PEKAREK
  • A homeowner caught three unknown (S)’s trespassing on his property in the 23000 Block of S Manteca Road in Manteca, and they fled northbound.  The (V) believes the (S)’s broke into his barn causing damage to the barn door.  The (V) was unsure of what items were stolen.  (S1) was described as a bald White male adult in his mid-40’s, last seen wearing a white T-shirt, and gray shorts, driving what the (V) described as a white Chevrolet Trail Blazer.  (S2) a White female adult with blonde hair in her early 40’s, last seen wearing a white T-shirt with dark shorts and carrying a pink motorcycle helmet.  (S3) was described as a White male adult, unknown age, last seen wearing a black motorcycle helmet, with a white shirt, dark shorts, and a dark colored backpack.  (S3) was also seen driving an unknown make and model dark colored motorcycle.  Items that were stolen and recovered consisted of a BF Goodrich tire valued at approximately $300.00, a red razor scooter valued at approximately $100.00, a red grass hog weed eater valued at approximately $80.00, a blue GBC laminator valued at approximately $60.00, and a grey tub with miscellaneous toys valued at $50.00.  (A) Joseph CAMPBELL was transported to the San Joaquin County Jail and booked for violation of PC459; burglary.  21-16025 and 21-16315


Please report any and all suspicious activity.

For non-emergency reports 24 hours a day, you can call 209-468-4400.  In the event of an emergency call 911.

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