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Dear Fellow Agriculturist,

If you think about all the issues facing agriculture, it can be a bit overwhelming: The transition to a 40-hour work week, higher wages, challenges to our water rights, irrigated lands reporting, air pollution restrictions, increased taxes and fees, and other burdensome regulations are all rapidly approaching us as an industry.

 Here’s what we see now: Susan Eggman (a former Stockton City Council member and current member of the California State Assembly) is running for the State Senate district in our area as its incumbent, Cathleen Galgiani, leaves due to term limits.  She is being challenged by current Stockton City Council Member Jesus Andrade among others.

Current City Council members as well as the current San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors member Kathy Miller are running to fill Eggman’s vacant Assembly seat.


Other City Council and Board of Supervisors members are considering a run for Congress in one of the two districts that fall within San Joaquin County—Supervisor Bob Elliott already having declared his congressional candidacy.


I tell you all of this, because as it currently stands, there is no local group who has the legal authority to participate where we now need it the most... local elections. That’s why I’m working with the leadership of the San Joaquin Farm Bureau Federation to form the “SAN JOAQUIN FARM BUREAU FEDERATION FARMERS UNITED PAC.” The reason is simple: the existing Political Action Committees (PACs) will weigh in on statewide and congressional races, but rarely enter the world of local politics. With term limits, our state and congressional representatives are now coming from our local boards and councils. The need to invest in the right candidates moving forward greatly enhances our position and standing with those who will represent us in the future. 


So please consider a donation of $500, $1,000, or whatever you can afford to help us start the SJFB Farmers United PAC and to have a voice on the issues facing us moving forward.  Make checks payable to “Farmers United PAC.”


Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me
at (209)403-8592. Sincerely,

Kenny Watkins


Paid for by the San Joaquin Farm Bureau Farmers Federation United PAC-County Fund

Committee major funding from the
San Joaquin Farm Bureau Federation


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