Welcome to the website of the San Joaquin Farm Bureau Federation. This site is updated regularly with news and issues related to farming in the San Joaquin Valley, such as proposed and present governmental regulations and laws, which affect agriculture. In addition, you may sign up for our email notification program and receive special notification of issues and events related to your particular area of interest.


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Why am I a Farm Bureau Member

"I have been a San Joaquin Farm Bureau member since 1983. Farm Bureau membership has always been a great source for exclusive discounts such as Nationwide Insurance. I have participated in many of the free or reduced-price trainings that SJFB offers, such as CPR and First Aid. I depend on Farm Bureau to help me stay compliant with the ever-changing labor regulations and I purchase the discounted FELS ag employer poster set. One of the many reasons that I am a member is that SJFB does an excellent job in getting issues out to their membership. Farm Bureau tracks issues, participates in the discussion and informs me of crucial developments. The “Farm Team” program is an incredible benefit that allows me to press a couple buttons on my phone and email comments to elected officials. Farm Bureau covers broad general issues that commodity groups may not. SGMA, SB1, roadside dumping and rural crime are a few examples. Farm Bureau unifies the Ag community into one voice that helps us all. There may not be any grape growers in my area concerned about the invasive Nutria threat in the Delta but I know Farm Bureau is and I know Farm Bureau will be there for me when I need them on the issues that affect me!" -David Simpson