We are stronger working together

By David Strecker, SJFB President 

As a fifth-generation Delta farmer, I often wonder what adversity my forefathers faced and what they did to overcome it. I have chosen to serve for your San Joaquin Farm Bureau and help fight for our right to farm and overcome todays adversity.

My name is David Strecker and I would like to thank you for electing me as your president. My family has farmed on Roberts Island in the South Delta since the 1800’s. I operate a diverse family farm of small grains, hay and row crops. Also, to make ends meet, I am an owner/operator of a GPS land leveling and custom farming operation. 

We have faced a lot of adversity on our family farm over the years but have always found a way to overcome it. Although we now face some of the same struggles as the generations before us, it seems to be an endless stream of regulation, laws and taxes in today’s farming world.

For 105 years now, San Joaquin Farm Bureau has been fighting for you! There have been many taxes and new rules that could have been but Farm Bureau was there to stop them. This past year, a fertilizer tax was proposed that would have affected each and everyone of our farming operations. So far, Farm Bureau has kept this new tax at bay. Unfortunately, there is still talk of the fertilizer tax and there are several issues that we were unable to overcome such as 40-hour work week, higher wages and challenges to our water rights.

Now is the time for us to unite ourselves and overcome it. Over the last year, your county Farm Bureau has been working to be more proactive rather than reactive.  How do we do that you ask?

I would like to take this time to introduce San Joaquin Farm Bureau Farmers United PAC. The Farmers United PAC will be the only local group fight for your right to farm and ranch in the county. Most Political Action Committees (PAC) focus on statewide and congressional races.  

Locally there is so much that can be done for our operations if we unite ourselves. By building relationships at the local level, this positions us in the future to impact the statewide and congressional races. Look at the past election and even our upcoming election. Many of our local board and council members are declaring for state and congressional positions due to term limits being met in those seats.

As I speak to our members throughout the county, everyone tells me they want to do something. Now is your chance to participate in that something. We can finally be in control of our own fate, rather than waiting for more bad news. I personally have made my pledge to the Farmers United PAC. I’m asking you to join me. Big or small, it does not matter what your operation is or what you can pledge. All of us working together, we are stronger.